As Scary as it Seems: The Big 3-0!

Cake with red icing words of "the big 30!"

“Um, I hope that’s red icing?!”

By Jeffrey Bishop

Scurry Tails just hit a scary milestone:  the big 3-0!

While that mile marker of years on the road of life is indeed a scary one for most moms and dads, no one at Scurry Tails turned 30 (alas, for the eldest of us, that was some time ago!).  Indeed, the blog itself won’t trip 1 year on life’s odometer until January.  And yet we’ve got a lot to be scared about with this spooky number.  Here’s why:

The posting of The Zentai Phenomenon: A Serial Killer Digest marks our 30th original story!*  We couldn’t be more delighted … and frightened!

Here are some other spooky numbers:

Our first story:  The eponymous Scurry Tails

Most-featured creature:  Ghosts, featured in five of the 30 stories!

Other featured creatures, in order of number of appearances, include zombies, aliens, vampires, devils, werewolves and witches.

Highest Scare Rating: 4/5 Ghosts, in four stories to date … It’s got to be killing you to wonder when — or if — we’ll have a 5/5 Ghosts story!

Longest story:  The Zentai Phenomenon: A Serial Killer Digest, weighing in with a 15 minute Tell Time

Shortest story:  The Dog Box, with a Tell Time of only 1 minute

Percent of scary stories that are also humorous: 27%

It’s been a lot of fun and fear getting to 30.  Stay with us — if you dare — as we pile on, like rotted corpses in a zombie graveyard, an ever-growing host of additional spooky Scurry Tails!

* The 5 separate serial editions that make up The Zentai Phenomenon were not included in the count; nor were multiple versions of the same story: Short Cuts and Extended Cuts; nor were non-fiction posts.  We are celebrating pure, raw spookiness here!

~ by Random Handyman on November 8, 2012.

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  1. Just an excuse to make — and eat — cake!

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