‘How-to’ Awesome Neckerchief Slide Designs — Scurry Tails Style!

Neckerchief slide carved as a bald eagle

By Jeffrey Bishop

As a general rule, boys like knives and boys like to carve and whittle with those knives.

Most of the time, what they end up with after a few hours of carving around a camp fire is a sharp, de-barked stick — really only good for hurting themselves or another boy.

Scouts (and all youths — boys and girls alike) can put their developing knife skills to work on something a bit more productive and useful, by carving for themselves a nifty neckerchief slide, like the one pictured above that my favorite Webelos II made for himself with some scrap wood and about 2 hours of a Saturday.

Download the attached worksheet for instructions and patterns you can print out and take on your next camp out or den / troop meeting:
Scurry Tails Neckerchief Pattern — Set A

For a new template set, published spring 2013, check out the following as well:

Scurry Tails Neckerchief Pattern — Set B

Note that both pattern templates look “muddy” when viewed in our Firefox browser, but appear fine in Explorer and Chrome; our apologies for any difficulty with this.


  • Use an easy-to-carve wood like bass wood in at least a ½” thickness
  • Transfer the pattern to the wood and use a coping saw to cut the blank
  • Carve in the round (Scouts should have Whittling Chip / Totin’ Chip and appropriate supervision)
  • Sand and paint or stain and seal
  • Epoxy ½” PVC tube section or screw ½” copper pipe hanger to backside to complete neckerchief slide

Got a cool picture of your own neckerchief slide to share?  Let us know how we can see it and we’ll check it out — we might even feature it in a follow-up post!


Copyright 2012

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