The Hike

A dark trail through the woods (at Camp Warren Levis)

A dark trail leads to dark places.

By Christopher Bishop

Which voice in your head should you heed?  It takes a wise one to hear and to listen.

Tell Time: 2 minutes 15 seconds
Scare Rating: 3/5 Ghosts

Once three Cub Scouts were out on a hike together at night.  Very soon they were approaching a field when one of the boys said, “Yes a field! Now we don’t have to worry about stupid poison ivy!”

So they were walking through the field when they came upon a dead end (literally dead).  So all three of them stepped backwards, when out of nowhere fog appeared along the edge of the field.  One of the boys was a Tiger Cub and he was so scared that he ran through the fog and he disappeared.

The second one was worried about him, so he, too, ran through the fog.

The third boy, a Webelos I, ran through the fog, mumbling “OMG!” to himself. “I mean, seriously,” said the boy.  “I’ve heard about this field; its dangerous!”  So he, too, went into the fog after the two others.

Then out of nowhere they found that they were all together again, on a large rock in the middle of a lake.

Suddenly, an evil voice said to them, “You all have to find a way out.  Two of you will die, one will go back to the field where he will have to find a way out within 5 minutes or else it is the end for you three.”

The Tiger Cub was so afraid that you could see his pants become wet and he said “I’m just going to walk through the water to get back.”  So he stepped off of the rock and disappeared.  The second scout, a bear, stepped off and he too disappeared, so the Webelos scout was actually afraid and so he thought for a minute, looked at his watch, mumbled “4:37,” and then he stepped into the water and appeared in the field.  Suddenly he heard the voice say “3:58.”

“Better hurry,” said the boy.  So he looked in the air and saw his two friends floating dead – but with not a scratch on them – so he prayed and felt tingly and heard a different voice inside his head say “Go over the fog!” He thought in his mind, “How?”  Then he noticed a nearby tree.  So he climbed up the tree hearing the evil voice say “12, 11 … ”and the time was down to “2,” so he  jumped over the fog and into the forest.

His two friends then appeared beside him, as quickly and as quietly as they’d disappeared.  Together, they walked back to the camp site and they lived awesomely ever after.


Copyright 2012

~ by Random Handyman on June 26, 2012.

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