‘How-to’ Packing List: What to Take on a Seven-Day Trip Into the Woods

A car trunk fully loaded with camping gear

Junk in the trunk for a week-long camping trip.

By Jeffrey Bishop

It’s summer camp season, and all over the country son and daughter scouts are gearing up to go into the woods for a weekend, for a week or for longer.  Your pack or troop has probably provided a decent general purpose packing list to ensure success, but just one trip in the woods will reveal deficits based on personal preferences and needs that you’ll want to make sure you cover the next time you head out.

The list — Scurry Tails Summer Camp Packing List — reflects the fruits of the packing, camping, list revising process (wash, rinse, repeat) that has been performed dozens of times over the past four or so years.  While more comprehensive than a basic all-purpose list might be, is it all-inclusive?  No — and it’s not meant to be (for that, list, we recommend the Cabela’s store catalog).  But we think it’s pretty solid.  That said, what would you add to it?

One thing we hope you take on every camping trip is this site — www.scurrytails.wordpress.com — we hope you get a lot of enjoyment from the funny, fantastic and freaky stories we regularly post here.

Happy camping!

Click on the link below to download the camping packing list. Leave a comment to let others know how this list worked out for you or if you have suggestions for other items to take!


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One Response to “‘How-to’ Packing List: What to Take on a Seven-Day Trip Into the Woods”

  1. I already thought of something to add: moleskin (a must for hiking!).

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