Sneak Peek — ‘Fear Naught’ Cover Art

Partially revealed cover art for "Fear Naught Tales" collection of spooky stories to read and tell!

A sneak peek at the cover art for Fear Naught Tales, launching Friday, April 13!

And a true story:

This cover is designed in the spirit of old pulp horror comics from a long time ago. Most parents wouldn’t buy their kids these comics, but my dad’s parents apparently turned a blind eye. So, Dad would buy a few of the spooky comics to read, then he’d hustle his less-fortunate friends to trade 3-4 of their “Superman” or “Amazing Stories” comics for just one of his “Tales From the Crypt” comics. Dad always did have that entrepreneurial spirit!

“Fear Naught Tales” is safe for middle grade (8-12) readers or older — so no need to hustle to get a copy of your own! Visit, or to stay up-to-date on the release!

~ by Random Handyman on March 14, 2018.

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