The Scariest Thing I Ever Saw. Ever.

Man busted on the highway texting and driving

Scene seen all too often … if this is you, consider yourself BUSTED!

The picture says it all.

By Jeffrey Bishop.

Unfortunately, each of us sees something like this on the road every day.  Incredibly, the text-driving offenders are usually plowing down the fast lane, careening back and forth off the white lines demarcating their lanes.  I’m torn between speeding up to shake my fist at them, slowing down and changing lanes to get some distance, or laying on the horn to warn them and others of the danger.

Recently, I’ve tried a friendly “long-short short-long” horn tap — Morse code for “X” — to try to send a message.  But really:  in an era of texting, who knows Morse code?  I see the irony — and am no such out-of-time anachronism that I didn’t have to Google for a chart to figure out how to represent the 24th letter of the alphabet with horn toots.

In all seriousness:  What can be done about this deadly menace?  How do you react on the roads when you see people texting and driving?  Are you part of the problem, or part of the solution?  It’s definitely a first-world problem, and one of our own making.  What can we do to raise awareness and end this scary threat to mankind?

Copyright 2013

Map of the United States showing states with t...

Map of the United States showing states with texting while driving laws. States in red ban texting while driving for all drivers, while states in yellow do so only for new drivers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

~ by Random Handyman on October 22, 2013.

2 Responses to “The Scariest Thing I Ever Saw. Ever.”

  1. I also honk at them after I’ve changed lanes, but those who are bold enough to text and drive rarely seem to realize I’m honking at them, let alone grasp why.

    • Yes, they truly are oblivious, aren’t they? My family is concerned that my honking might create road rage, but it doesn’t hardly penetrate the bubble of their digital preoccupation!

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