The Haunted Hotel

A family checks in ... to a haunted hotel

A family checks in … to a haunted hotel

By Christopher Bishop

Where is everyone?

Tell Time:1 minute
Scare Rating: 2/5 Ghosts

The Jeffersons left for their annual vacation Oct. 20, 1916.

Everyone was excited when they arrived at the five-star SHG Hotel.  When they walked in, the place was deserted except for an old man who was running the place; he had a creepy grin on his face.

When they went in their room, they noticed that everything was covered in cobwebs and dead spiders.

That same day, the boy was thirsty, so he and his dad went to get a drink.  The elevator broke.  Suddenly, the doors opened to their floor.  It was night time.  There was a floating torch when they walked into the room.

They saw the boy’s mom was floating.  She said, “You left me alone … now you shall pay!”


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