Top ‘Tails’ of 2012

By Jeffrey Bishop

WordPress is an awesome platform for telling stories, and it has some great features — including analytics and reports — for those who use it to augment their craft.  Accordingly, it can tell us — and we in turn can tell you — what the Top 5 Read Posts in 2012 were:

No. 5:  The Werewolf’s Talisman

No. 4:  Uncle Roy Gets a Head of Himself

No. 3:  The Zentai Phenomenon:  A Serial Killer Digest 

No. 2:  You Can Make This Awesome Bat Center-of-Gravity Wing!

No. 1:  13 Tips to Get the Most Out of Reading and Telling Campfire Stories

While that’s fantastic trivia — and these stories are well deserving of the attention that visitors have lavished upon them in the past year, highlighting them doesn’t do a thing to help our unsung hero stories; the faithful servants who, like Cinderella, toil in the ashes of this site waiting for their prince — hint: that’s you — to come and enjoy their company.

So to complement the Top 5 Read Posts of 2012, follows are the Top 5 Under-Read Posts in 2012; we hope you’ll give them a read  — we think you’ll have a ball if you do!

No. 5:  The Whip-poor-will Prank

No. 4:  The Death Certificate

No. 3:  The Ghost OnBoard

No. 2:  The Wrong Fear

No. 1:  Bloody Diet!

Did our readers get it right on the Top 5 list they visited in 2012?  Did we get it right with the Top 5 Under-Read Posts in 2012?  Let us know!

– 3Bishops


Copyright 2012

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