The Death Certificate

Jacob's death certificate

Jacob’s death certificate

By Christopher Bishop

Jacob finally gets his just reward!

Tell Time:  2 minutes
Scare Rating: 3/5 Ghosts

Once there was a very special and talented boy named Jacob.  But for all his talents, he had no rewards or trophies to show for it.  One day he realized this, so he went to his parents and screamed at them, “I want a reward!”

His parents were used to this sort of attitude from Jacob, but didn’t care for it.  Eager to dismiss him, they told him, “You’ll have to find a competition and win it, if you want a reward.”  So that’s what he did.  Later that day, he was looking through that day’s newspaper for a contest to enter, but he couldn’t find one.  He asked his parents where they kept all of their past newspapers, so they told him. Jacob was up until 9:30 at night, looking through all 900 newspapers.  He looked through the job pages, and all the classified ads, but he never found a contest. So finally, at 9:31 p.m., his step mom came in and told him that it was time for him to go to bed.

Later that night, around 1 a.m., he heard a ghostly voice in the night say, “You want rewards, Jacob?  I can get you a painful reward!”

The next morning, Jacob’s parents told him to go check the mail, so he did.  When he was inside, he went through the mail – he’d received a letter.  He gave his parents their mail, and opened his.  On the front of the envelope, there was no return address or name, and the envelope was glowing with a dark, sickly yellow glow.  Jacob was confused. Though he didn’t want to open the letter, he did, and inside was a certificate, along with an odd-shaped rock. He was so happy at this unexpected prize that he started dancing.  At least 5 minutes later, after celebrating, he actually read the certificate.  It said, “This is your Death certificate.  Are you ready for your death?”

Suddenly, the rock burned through the envelope he was holding and fell to the ground, where it absorbed Jacob.  Jacob was never seen again.  Everyone was so scared that nobody touched the rock ever again after the incident.


Copyright 2012

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