News Report Shows Life Follows Art Via ‘Suri-Cide‏’

Skeleton holds smart phone with "deadly" GPS app

Death App?

By Jeffrey Bishop

File the following news story under the heading: We tried to warn you!

Though our account shows 1) pre-meditated intent, and 2) is technology agnostic and 3) completely fictitious, there nonetheless are eery similarities between a Siri-ous map-function incident — an Apple Maps glitch that sent drivers across an active airport taxiway in Fairbanks, Alaska — and the murderous main thread of our Suri-Cide story.

Did we predict the future in this true-to-life, life-follows-art case? Mere coincidence? You decide …

We’re just thankful no one was hurt.



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~ by Random Handyman on September 27, 2013.

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